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Member Protection System

It’s unfortunate, but the Auto Repair Industry has a bad stigma for “ripping people off.” All Auto Repair is a family owned business that provides its customers with true business integrity, protecting our customers from the common problems that plague the auto repair industry. To ensure that all of our customers receive true protection and quality care, we cover all of our clients with our exclusive “Member Protection System.” The system is described below:


  • ALL AUTO REPAIR will always extensively diagnose the car first before starting any service work
  • ALL AUTO REPAIR will provide a printed estimate on every job
  • ALL AUTO REPAIR will take pictures of your repair and service work needed (before and after) so you can see that the work was properly done
  • ALL AUTO REPAIR will give you access to your car’s service history through an online portal with your own username and password
  • ALL AUTO REPAIR will pick you up and drop you off if you need a ride.
  • Nationwide warranty
  • Roadside Assistance

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