Learn Why All Auto Repair Is The Treasure Valley’s Most Popular Service Destination!

Who We Are And Why We Do What We Do.  All Auto Repair is THE premiere value auto maintenance and repair shop in Nampa.  We have passion and love for people and their cars.It is that passion and love that inspired our owner, Mark to embark on this endeavor to create THE premiere automotive shop, a passion and love shared by us all here at All Auto Repair.

Norm is our ASE certified lead tech and shop manager, and it is an unquenchable curiosity to know how things work, how it all comes apart and how to fix it, whatever “it” happens to be. His drive to know the best techniques in both diagnostics and repair is why several other shops in the area often consult with him when they can’t figure something out. His attention to detail and constant effort to educate himself on the latest technology and tools keeps him on the cutting edge. He’s definitely the person you want  taking care of your vehicle when so much is riding on it to run right.

We have a deep desire to care for people in a way that shows that this is meant to be a relationship, one we hope will last a long time. He consistently goes the extra mile to deliver service beyond expectation.We believe that maintenance = reliability and longevity.We also believe that maintenance isn’t just for cars, it’s for the relationships we build that makes our customers feel like we are trusted friends.

Our main goal has always been to create long term relationships with our clients by providing them with quality, honest service that goes well beyond the inside of the shop.

This may sound crazy coming from a repair shop, but we want to stop repairing your vehicles.
Now most of you reading this will think this doesn’t make sense. But here’s why it make’s all the sense in the world.

80% of the major repairs that come through our shop could have been avoided if the regular maintenance had been done. Most people forget to keep up on it because… well, your life happens, and as long as the car runs, there’s no thought given to what needs to be done to keep it that way unless something happens that reminds you, such as a breakdown and then it’s too late.

We recommend that you perform your maintenance on a regular schedule to ensure that your vehicle is running properly.

And if the worst does happen we have the skills and technology available to us to get you back on the road quickly.We understand that a breakdown, whether it is your personal vehicle, a fleet vehicle or your recreational vehicle is never convenient. Large repair costs can wreak havoc on a budget. That is why we have 6 months and 12 month same as cash (OAC) financing programs available and we will work to save you time and money by fixing the problem right the first time. We will use our years of experience and training to diagnose the problem and replace only the parts that need replacing.

Everyone here at ALL AUTO REPAIR is dedicated to serving YOU, the customer. We are confident you have never experienced service like ours. So we invite you to come in and give us a try and find out what it is truly like to work with the best auto repair and maintenance shop around.

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All Auto Repair logo.