Questions You Should Be Asking

Below is a short list of questions that you should be asking any auto repair company before doing business with them:


Do you provide printed estimates?

Printed estimates are important because it ensures that the repair company maintains integrity when providing repairs. Make sure you ask your auto repair company if they will provide you with a printed estimate of the repair before beginning service.


Do you maintain a list of known car problems/issues?

Many cars from certain years and certain makes are notorious for having specific mechanical problems. It’s unfortunate, but if your auto repair company is not aware of these common problems, they can spend additional time and money on your car going through needless diagnosis. Ask your auto repair dealer if their mechanic(s) have enough experience in the industry to know these problems from memory, or if they maintain a list of these common issues.


Do you take pictures and email them to the client?

A reputable and trustworthy auto repair company should take pictures of your car before and after the repair. These pictures allow the client to see the EXACT issue that their car was having and how it was fixed. The pictures also provide a record for the repair company and the client for what services and repairs the car has already had performed.


Do you provide daily updates on the status of my car?

If your car is in need of major repair service which requires several days of work, a repair company should contact you on a daily basis to let you know about your car’s progress. Ask your auto repair dealer if they provide this daily status update service.


Do you have experience with European cars and diesels?

Many auto repair companies do not have experience with European cars or other cars and motorhomes powered with diesel engines. At All Auto Repair, we proudly service all makes and models of European cars because our mechanic has years of experience working on these types of vehicles.
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